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Send simple in-email surveys directly to any device.

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How It Works

You provide the email address and we’ll send the survey. Customers answer directly within Gmail, Apple Mail, or any email client.

Simply dig in and analyze the results. Filter and sort your results by list used, answer selected, or whether a customer left feedback.

Three Customizable Survey Types

Quick Poll

Get fast answers to direct yes/no pro/con questions.

Net Promoter Score

Find out how likely customers are to recommend you using a 10 point scale.

Multiple Choice

Ask complex market research questions where customers select from up to 5 answers.


Gather high quality feedback from every customer using any of the survey types above. Built to engage and remove roadblocks between you and their opinions.

I wasn’t completely sold at first but after using Ping Surveys for a month it’s now essential to our process.


Simple. Hyper customizable. Users answer more often and leave better feedback than our old, conventional surveys.


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Leverage the power of MailChimp by connecting your lists directly to Ping Surveys and keeping them up-to-date automatically.


Choose when to send a survey. Send it now or schedule it for a future time and date.


Autosend a survey anytime a new contact is added to a connected list.

No Tech Required

Get setup and start surveying in 5 minutes. No embed codes. No hassle.

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